“New Year, New You”

The over played and over used saying every New Year is “New Year, New Me”. Its time to stop setting grand and unrealistic New Year resolutions. New Year resolutions are supposed to be goals that you can reach throughout the year to better yourself. By setting unrealistic New Year resolutions it makes it hard to even reach the resolutions and then you feel like you failed.


Its time to cut the crap and set New Year resolutions that will actually conquer this 2014! Lets have a positive and amazing 2014! Here are the top resolutions for 2014 to better yourself. The resolutions are realistic and can be met throughout the year.


1. Set an achievable goal. Instead of saying I am going to be skinny this New Year. Set a goal of losing five pounds or less every month.

2. Reach out to others. This generation seems to be lost and not very sociable because of technology. Try to make small goals of seeing family or friends you haven’t seen. And remember to put the phone away!

3. Do unto yourself as you would do unto others. Lets go back to kindergarten and set the Golden Rule. Try to stop the judging and hatred for no reason. Set small goals such as making a new friend a month or getting to know someone a month. Being nice will take you a long way!

4. Find ways to be happy. The number one thing in life is to be happy. Us people forget that and we end up feeling sad. Make small goals in towards making yourself happy. Whether its buying a piece of clothing every month, going on a trip or whatever the heck makes you happy, just do it every month.

5. Maybe forget resolutions and pick a theme. Sometimes it is hard for people to set resolutions. Instead of saying “My resolution is to lose 25 pounds”. Say “My theme for this year is to get fit and healthy.” This can allow you to eat better, exercise more, and get the body you want.




Resolutions are something that allow us to keep going and strive for better things in life. Make 2014 a year where you reach your resolutions. Positive thoughts and actions can lead you a long way, so why not try it!


How to Lose Weight before your Wedding

 OMG TRENDS Loose weigh

As your special day approaches, the last thing you want to be doing is dieting. As a bride, you have so much to worry about, between your dress, the photographer, the cater, and so much more. I have found the most efficient and useful tips to losing weight before your wedding.

  • Do Not Crash Diet! People may advise you to go on a crash diet, but turn the other way. Crash diets are when you usually lose weight fast and most of the time starve yourself. When you starve yourself, your metabolism slows down. You may lose a lot of weight but when you are done with the crash diet, you will defiantly gain pounds back.
  • Go on a Healthy Diet! Make sure to have a well balance diet where you eat fibers, lean protien and low carbs. Instead of having 3 large meals, have small meals within the day. You can find lots of healthy diet plans online.
  • Cardio and Light Weights! Cardio exercises are important to do when buring fats. Lifting weights are important to so when toning muscles. Cardio exercises include, running, long walks, dancing (zumba or vixon), and jump rope. You can also hire a professional who will guide you and help you along the way.
  • Skip out on the Sugary Drink and Alcohol! Yes I said it, alcohol. That means no juices, no candy, no ice cream, no cookies, no “health food bars”, no Light and Fit yogurts, no nightly margaritas, no café mocha frappachinos. Packed with sugar and loaded with empty calories, these “treats” are keeping you fat, addicted to sugar, and providing no nutritional value. They’ve got to go!


So as you wedding day approaches, skip the crash diet and get healthy and lean. In the long run, you will be able to stay healthy and lean forever ,rather than having a short term amount of weight lost.