Rock the Graphic Tee!

Β Graphic tees are back and cuter than ever! This summer, the graphic tee is coming back in a big way: comfy and cute with jean shorts, or styled up with a blazer and statement necklace. The tee isn’t just any plain old t-shirt anymore; tank tops and muscle style shirts are adorable with graphics ranging from animals to catchy quotes. Make sure to go to your favorite store and purchase their latest graphic tee design!



Hour Glass Shape

Hour Glass Shape

The hourglass figure is to be known as the β€œideal” body type. An hourglass figure is when the hips and bust are almost equal size with a narrow waist. It is a horizontal figure, which means it is balanced. Here are a few easy and fun tips to dress your hourglass figure correctly. When choosing a top, you should stick to low to medium necklines, form fitting, belted, and wrap-style tops. Jackets should be tailored and define the waistline. When deciding to choose what bottoms to wear, you should stick to high waisted pants and pencil skirts. Boot cut and straight leg pants or jeans are your best friends. Lastly, one of the most important pieces of clothing in your closet, the dress, chose dresses that define your waistlines. Some key accessories to wear as an hour glass figure are waist belts, large, decorative studs, and fun, statement short necklaces. You want to draw the most attention to your waist in anything you wear, to balance your beautiful curves.
– Danielle Prieto
Fashion Stylist