Buh-Bye Ombre… Hello Splashlight


Ombre is over and splashlights are in! Instead of getting ombre highlights this fall, you have to try splashlights. Splashlights are a horizontal band of bleached hair that stretches from ear to ear. Its super edgy and trendy! Splashlights involve bleaching a small horizontal section of your hair. This effect starts with the undermost layer and then covers all the hair above and below the strip with a color close to your orginal shade. Would you dare to try Splashlights this Fall?



Top Five Fabulous Hair Colors for Fall

The Fall season is literally weeks away! As your searching the internet and checking your favorite blog OMGTrends for the fall trends for fashion, you need to start thinking about what you new fall look will be! OMGTrends has the top five fall hair colors for you to choose from. The new fall colors are dark but classy.

1. Rich Chocolate Strands

2. Brunette with Copper Tones


3. Raven

4. Ombre Tips

5. Golden Brown


Comment below with with hairstyle you want to try!

The Ombre Craze


For the past spring and passing over into the summer, the biggest and the most popular trend has been Ombre. The Ombre Craze can be found anywhere. You can make the Ombre ffect in your hair, nails, clothing, and make-up. Almost all celebrities have tried the Ombre Effect in their hair. Now the new Ombre Effect trend can be found on finger nails. If you are too afraid to change your hair color, go with adding some spice to your nails with the Ombre Effect! You can also find the Ombre Effect in maxi dresses and loose shirts.

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Top Summer Hair Trends and Hair Colors

Summer is a time to let your hair lose and let the sun do the high lighting. If you are looking for a new summer hair trend or color, you are in luck! Here are the top five hair colors and top five hair trends for this summer. Comment below with you favorite hair trend!

Top Five Hair Colors:

1. Bombsell Bronde:

 Mercedes-Benz And Maybach Present Sex And The City 2 PremierePremiere Of New Line Cinema's "Valentine's Day" - Arrivals

2. Peek-a-boo Pastels:


3. Ombre:


4. Sunkissed Strawberry Blonde


5. Fiery Red:


Top Five Styles:

1. Beach/Natural Waves:


2. Messy Braids:


3. Dual Texture Hair:


4. Textured Bobs:


5. Short and Edgy Hair