Winter Wonderland Weddings

Winter time is such a beautiful time to tie the knot with you man. Everything is white, the air is colder (so that means you are closer to your man), and everyone is happy because it’s the holiday season. Having a wedding in the winter can be so much better than the spring and summer. In the winter you do not have to really worry about rain, there is no humidity, and you can more fun with accessories to dress up your wedding gown.

OMGTRENDS has the top five winter wedding ideas!

1.Get Furry with Fur! On your winter wedding day add some fur to your look. The fur will make you look extra elegant and keep you warm and cozy.


2. Serve something Toasty! At your winter wedding serve coffee and hot chocolate. This will keep your guest cozy and happy. On the coffee and hot chocolate cup put yours and your grooms names and the date.


3. All bridesmaids must wear dark colors. Pick a dark color for your bridesmaids to wear on your winter wedding day. This will let you be the center of attention.


4. Add winter like trees to your mass and reception. By adding fake or real winter like trees, it will really feel like you are in a winter wonderland. It’s a beautiful decor.


5. Give out snow globes as a favor. Snow globes have winter wonderland wedding written all over it. You can make it personal or make it cute!


There are so much cute, fun and elegant aspects to a winter wonderland wedding. These five tips are a MUST when it comes to winter weddings. The five tips are not too much winter, but just enough!

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Top Five Wedding Destinations

1.Aspen, Colorado : Aspen gives you everything you need in a wedding all year round. Whether you want snow and mountains or greenery and lots of trees, Aspen is a place for easy traveling and beautiful scenery. You can stay at the historical Chateau Eau Claire and enjoy the beautiful river views starting at $371/night in the summer, and $239/night in the winter.


2. Jamaica: Jamaica is the perfect place for a beach weeding. Between the white beaches and crystal blue water, Jamaica is the perfect place for a romantic and intimate wedding. Jamaica holds a certain romantic charm, you can not find anywhere else! . The Palms Resort  is known for the most beautiful and romantic weddings. Reservations need to be made far in advance and the average price per night is $240.


3. Paris, French: The word Paris alone screams wedding. Paris, France is where love is created and why not have your wedding there. The scenery creates a perfect atmosphere for a wedding, reception party, and honeymoon. At the Hotel Moliere, a beautiful three star Paris hotel, you can stay for just $230/night and enjoy all that Paris has to offer.


4. Hawaii: Want a romantic beach wedding, but can’t leave the U.S., then go to Hawaii! There are so many islands in Hawaii and each hold its own individual romantic charm. Most weddings are located at secluded beaches and locals love to see you happy on your big day. However, the best to time to travel to Hawaii to see the best weather and get the best rates, is from mid-April to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-December. During these off season times, you can find hotels starting at $100/night and averaging $160-180/night. The New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel has rates starting at $150/night and is one of the best hotels in Honolulu, HI.


5. Las Vegas, Nevada: Las Vegas may be known for the money, glam, and partying, but you can also get away with your lover and have a private wedding. If you are not into the destination and want a quick wedding, then Las Vegas is the place for you. You can have fun themed weddings like “Elvis” theme. The Bellagio is one of the Strip’s newest high-class resort and casinos, and you can stay there for just $245/night on average. Just make sure you bring an extra buck or two for the slot machines!


The Ultimate Wedding Guide

What to Wear to ANY Wedding!

Casual Look


  • Above-the-Knee Dress: a cute sundress with flowers or pattern is a perfect fit. The dress should not be to short, just above the knee is perfect. You can also try dressy separates, like a blouse and skirt.
  • Heels are NOT Required: try to wear ballet flats or fun detailed sandals.
  • No Flashy: sequins and rhinestones will be way to much for this kind of wedding.
  • Do Not Go to Casual: regular weekend clothes are not permitted. Do not wear ANYTHING denim. This is a very important event, so make sure to dress the part!
  • Hair and Makeup: keep it natural! For hair, do a sleek ponytail, loose up-do, or waves. For makeup, keep it light and fresh.

Semifomal Look


  • The Cocktail Dress: you can wear almost any color, it all depends on your preference. If you want to dress it up, just add a statement necklace and heels.
  • Do Not Go for the Super fancy: a floor-length dress or a dress with lots of sequins will look completely out-of-place. It will look like you are competing with the bride or bridesmaids.
  • Don’t Forget you LBD: you can always wear your favorite little black dress and add some flare. You can add a color belt, heels or statement earrings.
  • Wear the Heels: a little height always makes you look fancier and dressier.
  • Hair and Makeup: for hair: a updo. For makeup: a bold lip.

Formal Look


  • Long or Short: you will see both long and short dresses, but a long dress is the natural fit for a formal wedding. If you do choose a short dress, make sure it is knee-length and has “luxe” detailing such as ruffles or shine.
  • Standout Accessories: add a sparkly statement necklace, strappy heel, and metallic clutch to give your look glam and beauty.
  • Do Not Reveal too much Skin: try to stay away from high slits, a low back, or a plunging neckline. These types of dresses are to sexy for a wedding.
  • Dress to Impress: make sure you are dressed up enough. With formal wedding more is better. For formal wedding, daily wear is not permitted.
  • Hair and Makeup: this is a great time to consider to get your hair and makeup done professionally. Go for a polished hair style and sleek lips and eyes.

Even though you want to invite everyone and their mother to your wedding, everyone can’t make the cut. Here is a fun and easy guide to help you decided who actually makes the cut!OMG TRENDS OLIVIA SMALLEY

Wedding Gift Ideas

  • Basic Kitchen Tools (blender, pots & pans, utensils, plates, etc.)
  • Luggage (just in time for their honeymoon)
  • Cash
  • Personalized Items (cups, champagne glasses)
  • Fine wine or bottle of scotch
  • Decorations for their house (vases, art work, etc.)