Simple Tricks to Create a Hollywood Home.

Every woman wants the life of a movie star in Hollywood. Some of us have the funds and unfortunately some of us do not. But do not fear because we live in a generation where the majority people’s body parts are fake and the majority of people’s life styles are fake. If you do not have the millions of dollars celebrities have, then there are simples tricks and ways you can create a “Hollywood Home”

  1. Creating a Hollywood Home depends on all the small details. The more little trinkets and nick nats you have the better. The little accessories and accents you put on shelves, end tables, and center tables.   Ali-Wentworth-home-interior-design1
  2. Get a chandelier! You can find inexpensive price chandelier at IKEA. A chandelier is a representation of wealth.    chandeliers
  3. Two words: Bold Colors. Try to use to colors on walls, such as black and white or red and white. Lots of bold colors show glamour.      hollywood-living-room-design
  4. Silks and velvet curtains, lamp shade, and blankets. Obviously silk and velvet mean hollywood. Try to start of by buying a silk blanket to throw on the couch.   yhst-75126210552718_2270_37722765
  5. Key greek patterns represent wealth. Greek patterns are unique and very popular among Hollywood homes.


With these quick and simple five tricks you can slowly incorporate that Hollywood look into you home, apartment, or town house. It is all about the details. Focus on the little things rather than the big picture. Go to your local antique shop or garage sale. You can find some amazing pieces and with a little touch up, you’ve got yourself Hollywood glam piece of furniture.

Can you Rock the New Glam Look?

Hair trends are always changing. One hair trend that never expires is cornrows. Cornrows are the new glam look in fashion and hair trends for this summer. Celebs are starting to wear cornrows in cute and fashionable ways. Recently Khloe Kardashian posted a picture on Instagram showing off her new glam look.  You can make cornrows look classy and fashionable in many ways. Khloe Kardashian wore her corn rolls on one side of her head. She looked absolutely fabulous!


Here are more Celebrities wearing the new Cornrows Glam Look!

Carmen+Electra+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Braided+1NvrWOiI6zkl celebrities-in-cornrows-a3 Crazy-For-Cornrows_-Kristen-Stewart-Edges-Up-Her-Hair-With-A-Side-Braid Crazy-For-Cornrows_-Kristen-Stewart-Edges-Up-Her-Hair-do-With-A-Side-Braid