Top Five Braiding Videos

It is a new year so that means new hair! It is so overwhelming and exciting to see all the new fashion, hair, and make-up trends that come with the new year. A new trend for 2014 is braiding. Braids in all different forms and looks.

OMGTRENDS is obsessed and in love with all the braid celebs and girls are wearing for this new year. We have found the top five YouTube braiding videos. Braiding can get tricky if you are trying to teach yourself. With step by step videos, it makes braiding fun and easy.

Number One:

Number Two:

Number Three:

Number Four:

Number Five:

Play Hide & Seek with your Braid


Braids have seem to be one of the hottest hair styles this summer. Braids give off a chill, but sexy look. Instead of showing your braids through cornrows, a new trend is hiding you braid. Celebs are doing all sorts of things with the hidden braid. It’s a really easy new trend to try the next time you are going out or just having a bad hair day. You can never go wrong with a braid!