Top Five OMG Homecoming Dress


Fall season is here… So that means HOMECOMING SEASON is right around the corner. Homecoming is extra special for high schoolers. You high schoolers have it all! Dances, football games, and all the homecoming games and activities your schools have. One of the most important things about homecoming season is not having the same dress as some other girl at your school. OMG Trends have found the top five homecoming dresses and looks for this season.

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Glam Up the NFL

Top NFL Picks

When you think of the NFL and College Football, you think you sexy men, beer, and hot dogs. But we all know some women have a manly side and they love football just as much as men. In fact, there is 84.3 million women NFL and College Football fans today! Women are taking over and glaming up the NFL. Yes its cute when a woman wears an oversized jersey and baseball cap with their favorite NFL team, but its even sexier when a woman wears NFL and College Footbal gear in the form of womens’ clothing.


Now you can find NFL gear in all sorts of forms. NFL and College Football gear is found in bathing suits, heels, tight shirts, crop tops, cut up shirts, dresses and oh so much more. About $350,000 has been spent this year alone in women’s NFL and College Football gear. Men better prepare themselves at the games! Its going to be hard to focus on the game when there are sexy women walkingย around in their cute NFL and College gear!


A very popular and fun website that has cute NFL and College gear isย and Here at OMGTRENDS we got the owner of Miss Fanatic to give a tip on how to wear NFL and College Foot Gear. “When dressing for game day, look for pieces that can be dressed up or down. A great team spirit top that can take you from the game to cocktails with friends will help you get most wear out of your team gear and remember to always be stylish!”