What’s In…What’s Out…

Fashion changes constantly… But some people just do not know how to let go of the old trends. OMGTRENDS has the whats in and whats out now. 

  1. In: Cut Out Dresses Out: High Low     Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 2.03.53 PM
  2. In: Bold Eyes Out: Bold Lips     celebrity nude lips smokey eye makeup inspiration-1
  3. In: Deep Side Parts Out: Middle Parts    Kendall-Jenner-Deep-Side-Part-Hair-Trend-15
  4. In: Emerald Out: Teal      Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 2.06.03 PM
  5. In: Leather Bomber Jeackets Out: Jean Jacket       Screen shot 2013-10-25 at 2.02.25 PM

Bobs are Back!

With the hot and humid weather in August all you probably want to do is chop your hair off! Well now you can! Bobs are back and are cuter than ever. Summer is coming to an end but the hot weather is staying. If you are looking to try a new hair style, then maybe you should try the bob. It is cute and easy to maintain. The bob hairstyle isn’t just for summer, it will be a hot trend in the fall too. Lately we have been seeing lots of celebrities chopping off their lovely, long looks for a short and cute bob! Comment below if you would dare to try the bob!!!!

medium-bob-hairstyles-81 THE 2005 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS images-15 The Television Academy Hispanics and Television - Televisionary Awards 2007 Cipriani Wall Street Concert Series Presents Rihanna And Akon

DIY: Hair Chalking

A new trend to try this summer and fall is Hair Chalking! Add some fun color to your hair with chalk! The best part about this trend that it is not permanent! Here are a few easy steps to try this fun and unique trend.


  1. Wet piece of hair. Note- if you are a blonde we do not suggest wetting hair as it will be harder to get the color out. Use dish soap or regular shampoo for removal.
  2. Prepare color chalk. Feel free to mic colors to get exact shade you are going for.
  3. Rub chalk over pieces of hair. Work about one inch of hair at a time. This technique looks better when the color is placed sporadically and only a few inches form the tip.
  4. Allow to dry.
  5. Curl hair with a curling iron.
  6. Done! Now you look beautiful!