Tying the Knot


A simple and chic hairstyle for this Fall is the knot bun. The knot bun is sexy yet sophisticated. This new fall trend hairstyle can go with any occasion. You can “tie the knot” at a party, club, date night, or just to hang out. This hair style is easy to do and does not take much maintenance. To do the knot hair style: blow dry hair straight, create either a clean center or side part, secure hair in a ponytail, then wrap your hair around in a loop with the ends pointing up or tucked under, a round ballet bun, or the classic double knot.


Buh-Bye Ombre… Hello Splashlight


Ombre is over and splashlights are in! Instead of getting ombre highlights this fall, you have to try splashlights. Splashlights are a horizontal band of bleached hair that stretches from ear to ear. Its super edgy and trendy! Splashlights involve bleaching a small horizontal section of your hair. This effect starts with the undermost layer and then covers all the hair above and below the strip with a color close to your orginal shade. Would you dare to try Splashlights this Fall?



How to Wear the SideSwept


This Fall’s hairstyles are inspired decadeds before 2013 and they are coming back in style. One hairstyle that is always in style and always classy is the sideswept look. This look is perfect for almost any occassion. It looks beautiful for weddings, parties, and nights out with your man or girlfriends. Here are three looks that would look perfect with the SideSwept look! Also a tutorial on how to do the sideswept look.

1. 88424618

Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 8.46.12 AM


19_jessica-albas-side-swept-curlsScreen shot 2013-09-20 at 8.56.14 AM



Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 9.00.30 AM

Top Five Fabulous Hair Colors for Fall

The Fall season is literally weeks away! As your searching the internet and checking your favorite blog OMGTrends for the fall trends for fashion, you need to start thinking about what you new fall look will be! OMGTrends has the top five fall hair colors for you to choose from. The new fall colors are dark but classy.

1. Rich Chocolate Strands

2. Brunette with Copper Tones


3. Raven

4. Ombre Tips

5. Golden Brown


Comment below with with hairstyle you want to try!

Upcoming Fall Hair Trends

Here are the top five easy and fun fall hair trends! Try any of these fall hairs trends the next date, party or lunch you have. These hair trends are easy to do and easy to maintain.

  1. The low ponytail – Easy to do. Literally any girl can do a low ponytail. Just said a cute hair accessory to spice things up.                                                 hbz-low-ponys-soft-and-bouncy-fw13-Moschino-clp-RF13-2366-lgn hbz-low-ponys-soft-and-bouncy-fw13-Ralph-Lauren-clpi-RF13-8322-lgn
  2. Side Faux Bang – Want bangs but don’t want to actually cut your hair? Try the faux bang. hbz-side-part-faux-bang-fw13-Van-Noten-clp-RF13-0532-lgn hbz-side-part-faux-bang-fw13-Tracy-Reese-bks-I-RF13-6153-lgn
  3. The Wet Look – This look is a little risky, but if you do it right you can look very sexy. hbz-wet-hair-fw13-Cavalli-bks-A-RF13-6516-lgn hbz-wet-hair-fw13-Ferretti-clp-RF13-3270-lgn
  4. VA VA Volume – This is every curlied hair girl’s dream. The more volume the better! hbz-va-va-volume-fw13-Marc-clp-RF13-5331-lgn hbz-va-va-volume-fw13-Bottega-Veneta-bks-D-RF13-0011-lgn
  5. Braids on Braids on Braids – Braids are still in and will always be in. Try different kinds of braids, like ones on the back of your head or even cornrows! hbz-braids-revisited-fw13-Mischka-clp-RF13-3836-lgn hbz-braids-revisited-fw13-rodarte-lgn