How to Throw a Fabulous Christmas Party

Holiday season is about family and love! One of the most fun things about the Holiday season are parties. An even more fun thing about the Holidays is throwing a Holiday party. With the right combination of people, food, music and alcohol (most important) you will have a fabulous Holiday Party.

Six Steps to Throw a Holly Jolly Holiday Party:

Step One: Make the Guest List. It is very important to choose the right people for your Holiday party. The type of guest you invite depend on the type of party and the type of mood your party will have.


Step Two: Pick a Date & Time. Pick a date that is workable for everyone. The perfect party day is Saturday at night. You do not want to pick Friday because people are usually tired from work and do not want to go to a party.


Step Three: Get the Holiday Supplies. Buy festive colored plates, cups and utensils. Make sure to get lots and lots of holiday decor. You can get ideas from pinterest. You can also get Holiday decor from Party Stores, Target, and Michael’s. Do not forget Holiday scented candles from Bath & Body Works.


Step Four: Determine the Dress Code. Make a wise decision when choosing the dress code. You can make your party into an Ugly Christmas Sweater dress code. You can also have everyone dress in cocktail dresses. Or you can have a casual Holiday party look.


Step Five: Cook Traditional Holiday Food. Make sure to have ALL traditional Holiday foods and drinks. Buy eggnog, apple cider, Christmas cookies, candy canes, boiled custer, turkey, ham, etc. Get your Holiday booty on pinterest and get cute holiday food ideas.


Step Six: Play Holiday Music. Whip out the Spotify, Pandora, or whatever music device you use and play the Holiday music. This will set that Holiday Cheer at your party.


Top 5 Makeup Gifts for this Season

What is something most women will not walk out the door with… Makeup! Makeup is something most women need in their life. Makeup does magical things and is a beneficial thing to have. The only problem with makeup is that it cost an arm and leg.


If you are a guy or even a woman and you are trying to figure out what to get your girl for Christmas, why not get her some makeup? Do not go to Walgreens and get makeup. Go to your nearest beauty store and spend that couple bucks on some good quality makeup. Spending the extra dollars on makeup really shows when you go to apply it your face.

OMGTRENDS Top 5 Makeup Gifts for this Season:

1. Naked 3

naked 3 palette

2. Bare Minerals Faux Tan Face


3. Lancome Hypnodrama Mascara


4. Watts Up Highlighter by Benefit


5. Nar’s Laguna/ Deep Throat Combo


Each of these items are something that is SUPER beneficial in a girls makeup box. OMGTRENDS most defiant recommends these products. In fact, OMG Artistry CEO uses some of these products in here everyday makeup routine below.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 11_00_49 PM

Holiday Gifts under $20

December is FINALLY here! If you didn’t get all your gifts over the “The Black Friday” weekend then your time is coming up. Its time to shop for your loved ones, friends, employees, family members and whoever else you need to buy for. The Holiday season can get expensive. So why not bargain shop?


Bargain shopping is a great thing to practice during the Holiday season. You might want to be getting everyone a great, fabulous and expensive gift, but sometimes your wallet can not handle it. With a little time, research and patience you can easily find expensive looking things for under $20.

Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 2.11.54 PM

A great store to start with is Forever21. Forever21 is VERY popular store amongst men, women and children. It’s a great store to go to for holiday shopping. You can find lots of different kinds of gifts to by this Holiday Season. OMGTRENDS has done some research for you already. Here are the top Holiday gift items all $20 or less.