Kim and Kanye gone Kray Kray


It is safe to assume that Kim and Kanye get a big, actually gigantic “LOL”  at their relationship. Recently, Kanye West released his new music video, Bound 2 with his baby mama Kim Kardashian. To be honestly, “WTF”. This video has gotten so much publicity and so much confusion.

What does the music video “Bound 2” even represent. Kim and Kanye are basically having sex on a motorcycle, while horses are running in the back round and there are mountains and sunset like pictures,. Supposedly the video is about their “bounded love”. Kanye premiered his video on The Ellen show and since then is have been the talk about everything.


Yes the music video may be what you would call “artistic”, but it’s really a joke and a giant mess. Seriously Kim and Kanye need to start acting like mature adults and parent North West. Poor North West when she gets order, she gets to see her self involved parents having sex on a motorcycle. Seriously get a grip Kim and Kanye!!!

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 5

Bold Brows


Dark brows and blonde hair or even light-colored hair is the latest trend this Fall. Back in the day if you had mix matched eye brows and hair you would be “X” out of the fashion world. But now its a different story.


The dark brow looked first came out on the runways. Since the dark brow look took the runways at all the latest fashion shows, every woman is trying to copy the trend. Now you are seeing women with blonde hair and dark, thick eye brows. A lot of the younger fashionistas, models, and celebrities are mostly wearing this interesting yet unique look.

Stefano Tonchi Celebrates W Magazine's Modern Beauty Issue Honoring Tilda Swinton


In fact, Cara Delevinge has this look down to a tee. She wears the dark brow and light hair trend very beautifully. Singer Rita Ora has dyed her hair platinum blonde and her brows dark. Gwen Stefani has been rocking this look for years. She already knew this would be a trend.


So whats the advantage of having dark eyebrows and blondish hair? This look actually defines your features on your face. If you have fair hair and blonde eyebrows it could actually make you appear to be washed out. A dark and defined brow can give the face an actual focal point to look at. It makes other features such as eyelashes or eyes more appealing.




Last night was a big night for MTV, the VMAs took place in Brooklyn, New York.  It’s safe to assume that everyone  probably had some surprising faces while watching the VMAs. Between Lady Gaga’s reappearance, Miley Cyrus train reck show and every 90s’ girl dream came true the VMAs were “turnt up”.


Lets start with the opening act of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga has been laying low because of some legal issues and a hip surgery. She recently had an interview explaining that she was starting her career over as herself, literally herself. She is done with the meat outfits and weird devil shows. Lady Gaga did an amazing performance and all the men were talking about her toned booty. 



CS46651666NEW-YORK-NY-AUG-2223063 BSkRDrBCYAEdMwx.jpg-large

And now lets talk about the Disney Star who has gone bad girl gangsta, Miley Cyrus. Miley Cyrus put on quiet the show last night. She twerked her way on the stage and on Robin Thicke. Her show was trippy and sexual with all the bears around her, all the “big booty” women dancing with her, and poppin her “V” all over the place. Can we take a moment to talk about her fuzzy one piece that rips off to become a nude two piece? Seriously Miley? Get some class and get a toned booty! Miley Cyrus if you want to be a white gangsta girl then you got to get the booty!


Taylor Swift had her moment at the VMAs too! She completely and utterly dissed her ex-boyfriend from One Direction. She basically thanked him for the inspiration for the song she wrote that won the VMA award. You Go Taylor Swift!


N’sync made every 90s’ girl dream last night at the VMAs. While Justin Timerlake took over the VMAs, he also had N’sync make a comeback while Timberlake did his routine of all of his hit songs. Every girl yelled and cried as N’sync performed “Bye Bye Bye”. It was an amazing and happy moment! Justin Timberlake looked hotter than ever!


Lastly, lets talk about Katy Perry! Katy Perry put on an incredible show in the boxing ring. She performed her new hit song “Roar”. The only thing to say about Perry was her boobs. Her tiger print sport bra did not justice to those boobies! She need more support to make her performance perfect! Its ended the VMAs in a positive and happy way.

macklemore-ryan-lewis-mary-lambert-vmas-2013 crystal-reed-holland-roden-mtv-vmas mtv-vmas-complete-coverage2 NSYNC-VMAs-2013

All in all, the VMAs Brooklyn was a crazy and musical show. In ways the music preference is getting worse, but some songs are actually having good and positive meanings. Some performers need to a reality check because they influencing our generation. Be artsy and unique, but do it with class! If the audience is making fun of you or if Will Smith’s entire family’s’ jaw is dropping because of your performance than you need a reality check. Lets see what funny and crazy things our singers will have for us next VMAs!