Why your bridesmaids should never do their own makeup!

Why your bridesmaids should never do their own makeup.


Now I know what you’re already thinking… this is an article supporting everything I already know but your bridesmaids insist on still doing their own beautifications for the day of YOUR wedding. Granted… When agreeing to being in a bridal party, there are tons of committed costs associated and yes it does add up. Nevertheless, after reading, you’ll leave with a better approach to your girls on how to not make them look like these lovely ladies below.

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Step One: Read this entry.

Many brides maids have the good ol’ saying, “Oh I’m really good at my makeup, I don’t need a professional” Wrong. Professional Makeup Artists understand the structure of the face, coloring and texture. As much as the Bare Minerals Counter Clerk will tell you “This product is flawless for your face and its light weight and hypo allergic” BOOM! Perfect for Sally’s wedding. Suzy is running head first into a huge situation come two months after you get the images back from Bob the Photographer. “Why is my face pale and shade of grey”, she begs to know. Well Suzy, what that clerk did not tell you was, mineral makeup has tiny reflective particles inside the product that when a professional photographer takes a photo, it bounces off the skin and creates a pale looking face. You will not see it in person by any means, but will unquestionably notice in photos. Also makeup with SPF will in fact do the same exactly thing for photos. Titanium Dioxide, which is what is in sunscreen, will give you the same result. Sorry ladies, this is a must to skip out on the SPF for one day.

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Step Two: Do your homework.

Don’t be rushing into decision making when it comes to hair and makeup and invest the time and money to do trials. HATE to say it but if a makeup artist is giving away her trials for free, chances are she doesn’t value her time as an artist and just looking to get the booking. Now… that is not for every artist, but we can say I’ve encounter a few wedding sharks. Make sure they come to you the day of the wedding, very important. By them having you sign a contract, is it not just protecting them but it’s protecting you as well. Read it very carefully. Make sure you speak to and confirm with the artists, 1 month before and 1 week before.


Step Three: Pricing

Depending on your region, hair and makeup could run $150-$250 or more per person. Get pricing from the artists but do not base your decision on price, big mistake.  If your paying $30 for makeup, like I said…she’s just looking to make extra money on the biggest day of your life. In order to feel your best, you must look your best. A good artist isn’t cheap and a cheap artist isn’t good. You’ve already invested in your photography and if you go with a cheap artist, your investment is out the window. I always tell my brides; a great gift for the bridal party is to pay for their makeup. Before anyone can even tell you they want to do it themselves, you need to gently explain how important it is to you, that all her best friends as well as herself will have life long photos of how gorgeous everyone looked at her wedding. Chances are they will want to comply since they will want you to give the same consideration the day of their wedding. Not to mention, this will avoid the one bridesmaid with a heavy hand and others with next to none. The smokey eye bridesmaid will only distract the crowd from you.


Now, if your bridesmaid continues to forgo getting professional makeup, make sure to educate her on NO mineral makeup or SPF, but remember, she’s your brides maid for a reason. She committed to your every want and need. Just kidding, but really.

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As every little girl grows up, she always inspires to be like Barbie. Now the dream of having Barbie’s life can come true at Sawgrass Mills Mall. My Barbie Dream House Experience is officially opened at Sawgrass Mills Mall. Barbie’s 10,000 square feet mansion is fully equipped with an enormous closet, California king sized bed, beachfront property, and an outrageous vanity area. The amount of pink in Barbie’s mansion is out of control, but completely appropriate.


  I got the opportunity to do hair and make-up to Barbie’s pretending family. It was such an amazing experience. Even though we had to focus on the job, it was so distracting with all the glitz, glamour, and girly activities. The most fun part was watching the two young girl models, model Barbie’s clothes and interact in all the Barbie games and activities the dream house has to offer. One of the cool parts of Barbie’s dream house is, the watch that is provided to the guests. Each Barbie watch has each guests name and information on it. As you walk into a different room in Barbie’s dream house, Barbie or her friends welcome you and your guests.


My favorite part of My Barbie Dream House Experience would have to be Barbie’s Fashion Show. You have the option to dress in anything from boas to twinkled shoes, star glasses to stuffed animal purses. It gives little girls an actual reality to be Barbie herself! Also I loved that dolphins came out of Barbie’s toilet when you pressed a button.

Price ranges are about $20.00 – $34.00

Located at the Sawgrass Mills Mall 2606 Sawgrass Mills Circle Sunrise Florida Suite 1305 954-849-2343

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