5 Best YouTube Highlight and Contouring

Highlighting and Contouring is the new makeup trend. Lots of celebrities and models are using it and its looks amazing! Highlighting and Contouring are techniques that make the face look thinner. It works the best on a round face. What is highlighting and contouring?

Contouring is when you use a bronzer underneath your cheekbone to make it look higher and more defined. Highlighting is when you get a really light, sometimes shimmery colour and apply it to any bone on your face to make them stand out.

Highlighting and contouring can be a tricky technique to perfect. OMGTRENDS has found the top YouTube videos for Highlighting and Contouring. Each video gives you specific directions and will make you look absolutely beautiful and natural.






An Easy Way to Look Gorgeous for the New Year

OMGArtistry and Erika Delgado Photography had the wondering opportunity to write a blog post for Floridian Wedding. OMGTrends had to do a snipit of this article because the fashion and beauty tips are perfect and easy to understand.

Do you still have no idea what to wear for this Tuesday?!?! Well keep reading and also check out the Floridian Wedding blog post. If you still have no idea, then OMGTRENDS has the perfect solution for you.


What to wear: A little black dress and statement jewelry.

Every girl has a little black dress. Little black dresses are a must have piece of clothing and are also known as a timeless piece of clothing. So you have your little black dress in your closet, now what to pair it with. Either pair the dress with a statement necklace and studs OR pair it with bangles and statement earrings. Let the jewelry do the talking for the little black dress.

NYE-Tips-Erika-Delgado-OMG-Artistry-01 NYE-Tips-Erika-Delgado-OMG-Artistry-03-1

It is a lot better and easier to have a simple dress and to allow the jewelry, shoes, hair, and make-up stand out and “do the talking”.


Here are three important tips from the Floridian Wedding blog post:

TIP #3

Grooming the brows is a must. Believe it or not, eyebrows have the ability to channel emotion. One bad waxing experience can leave you looking permanently angry, confused or even amused! Consult with a professional who comes highly recommended.Using clear mascara over your brows will keep them perfectly in place.

TIP #5

Glitter is always a YES on New Years. Add a gentle or bold glittery look to your eyes to help bring out the colors of your statement piece. Use an eye shadow that already has glitter in it and select golds, silvers, or metallics for an extra sparkly look.

Tip: First dab some loose powder under your eyes, this will help catch any glitter that falls. Apply liquid concealer on your eyelids, then add the glitter for it to adhere better.

TIP #8

Give your locks a makeover with hair gloss. Shiny, touchable hair adds an extra element of interest. The night before the ball drop, soak strands in a deep conditioner for 5-10 minutes.


Make sure to check out to see more of these beautiful ladies work and information!!!

– http://www.omgartistry.com



– http://floridianweddings.com/2013/12/beauty-bits-gorgeously-easy-tips-for-new-years-eve/

Make your Homecoming Hair & Makeup Glamorous

Homecoming season is here! OMGTRENDS has the top hairstyles and makeup trends for you lovely ladies to wear. We got some awesome tips of what is hot from OMG Artistry. Stand out and look very fabulous and glamorous on your special Homecoming night!
  1. Va Va Volume      Prom-Hairstyles-2014-1
  2. Soft Waves       Curly-Homecoming-Hairstyles-2013--1
  3. Big Beautiful Curls    Homecoming-Hairstyles-1
  4. The Loosey Goosey Side Braid     Homecoming-Hairstyles-2013-3
  5. The Top Knotch Bun                                                                        Homecoming-Hairstyles-2013-5

Homecoming makeup is something you want to be glamorous, but also you do not want to look like you are wearing a pound of make-up. Here are five different looks that are perfect for Homecoming!

  1. Glamorous Goldmaci 004
  2. Kim K Look Alike   0
  3. Bedazzled Blue      535480
  4. Elegant Edgy   homecoming-makeup-inspiration
  5. Secert Eyes                              b550e6608ba3e2fb80bd4694ec2906a2

Fab Finds for Less

We all want fabulous things, but we all don’t want to put a hole in our wallets. Yes we are willing to spend money on things we know we will use more than once. But who wants to spend over $10 dollars on the things we want, but most certainly don’t need.

Here are the Top Five Fall Fabulous Five Finds under $10

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 4.21.27 PM