2014 Horoscopes

2014 is here! It is such a weird feeling writing 2014 now. The years seem to be passing by quicker and quicker. A new year comes with new goals, new you, new love, and new horoscopes.


Capricorn:  2014 is going to be a major adventure! Your challenge? Break your old patterns and give eligible guys who aren’t your usual type — or don’t seem to be at first — a chance. April is going to be an incredibly social month for every Aries. Have plenty of party outfits at the ready so you can flit from one social engagement to the next with ease. August and December will be key romantic months.

Taurus:  You are at your sexiest when exploring all that tickles your naughty imagination! Romantic possibilities will abound, but it’s what you do in March, June, and August that will matter most. Things may get serious by the fall, so plan a road trip in October with outdoor activities. They’ll give you both a rush that will translate between the sheets! Remain practical about what you need in the relationship, but don’t forget to share your fantasies.

Gemini: No guy will be able to resist you this year if you show all sides of who you truly are. In January, your challenge is to find a way to balance your romantic and practical sides, because getting stuck in your head isn’t doing your heart any good. So focus on being present, and by February, if you’re honest about your feelings, a sizzling relationship will commence. March and October are lucky months in love, so say yes to every invitation. Being out with your pals brings out the best in you — guys will be drawn to your energy.

Cancer: Be confident about going after what you want and your love life will surprise you. That might mean someone who adores you, like a friend with benefits, could become something more or that guy you dismissed in the past may have real potential. To make things work, you need to be honest with yourself — and with him — about what you really want. Passion is in the air in January and March, so don’t miss your chance to act. What you’ve been waiting for will come in October and December, your most romantic months.

Leo:  Embracing life’s most simple and sinful pleasures — food, wine, and great sex — will make you roar in 2014. A caring and considerate partner is the first step, so keep your eyes open for a romantic guy who loves cozy nights at home. If you already have one, make sure to fit in alone time for the two of you. May and July will be full of love, so clear your calendar to make room for some sexy action with your man.

Virgo:  Guys go wild for your particular brand of under-the-radar flirting, and this year, if you open up, you’ll have countless men to choose from. You will be attracted to strong men who know their own mind and stand by what they believe in. March is an extra-special romance month and the perfect time to go on dates and socialize. By August, you’ll have found a serious love connection who not only pays you the attention and respect you deserve but also brings out your secret wild child in bed!

Libra:  Your love life is about to get red-hot! You’ll finally get the passion and intensity you’ve been craving…if you stop worrying about what’s best for everyone else and go after what you want. Haven’t found The One just yet? Well, September is a five-star month — we’re talking sweep-me-off-my-feet-style seduction. December is another lucky month for love, so take charge and sparks will start flying.

Scorpio:  This is a magical year for you! Picturing your life the way you want it, with your bank account full and a gorgeous guy by your side, will propel you forward and make those dreams a reality. March and May are your prime months for romance, when a seductive dreamer draws you in. But if you don’t connect on an emotional level, move on. This July, get out of your comfort zone and travel someplace new, preferably near the ocean. Coupled Scorps will love October, when their partner will be extra adoring.

Sagittarius:  Guys will flock to you this year when you keep your focus on what is important rather than all the bells and whistles. Your open nature means you can party with the best of them but are always there for your peeps when it counts. Show your man that you can take care of business as well as have fun and he will be putty in your hands. Something that seems like a fling could turn out to be the real deal in January or July, your dreamiest romance months. By November, you will be on cloud nine!





All Horoscopes come from: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/celebrity/news/your-2014-bedside-astrologer

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