Monday Morning Coffee: Sexy vs. Skanky


Halloween is turning into more of a contest of who can wear less clothing rather than dressing up as someone else. It is pretty ridiculous of the costumes that are being made. Yes adults should be able to wear what ever the hell they want, but little girls…that where the line has to be drawn! On Halloween, women think its their chance to dress like a “skank” and get away with it, but this rule should not be applied to little girls. Today generation of young women and what so called “moms” are giving little girls the wrong impression of what Halloween is. Heres a quick tip for all you ladies trying to get guys attention… The less skin you show the more attractive you can be. Leave some room for some imagination and don’t just show the whole “thing”. Leave comments about what you think about these so called “sexy” costumes…


Poor Minnie has turned into a “sex symbol”fr553427-sexy-cavewoman-prehistoric-priss-women-halloween-costumes-1 sexyhulagirl-d fr553450-queen-of-the-ring-women-halloween-costumes


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