The Hunt for Lead Role in Fifty Shades Movie is Over!


Blonde beauty, Dakota Johnson (Ben and Kate, The Social Network) will play Anastasia Steele and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) will star as the whips and chains sadist role of Christian Grey in the film Fifty Shades Of Grey.


The look of the two MAY work, but I personally think they could have chosen a better Mr. Grey like Matt Bomer. As adorable as Dakota is, I would think of more Alexis Bledel, star of “Gilmore Girls” to look more small town girl turned bad. This “mommy porn” could go from bad to worse if they do not play the cards right when it comes to this flick. For instance Twilight, in the book Edward was suppose to be tall, handsome and muscular but instead they got… well… Robert Pattinson.

Lets not even talk about what this will be rated in the theaters, NC-17 I presume? Are they even allowed to have pain inflicted porn in the theaters? Who knows, times have changed. What do you think? Good choice or bad and who would you like to see play the role?

5 thoughts on “The Hunt for Lead Role in Fifty Shades Movie is Over!

  1. Definitely a bad choice. The Dakota is everything that the book described the other women working with Christian. The book described them as blonde, blue eyes, very attractive. Alexis Bledel would have done justice to the books description of Anastasia, especially as Alexis has the looks and the past acting experience of a highly educated girl. The role of Christian Grey, played by Charlie Hunnam?? Really?? He’s so not attractive enough to play the role. He’s not even young looking enough. Christian Grey was very attractive and young looking. He had women throwing themselves at him. Charlie is not the one for this role. After reading the series, most women wanted to find themselves a Christian Grey or something very similar as to what was described in the book. Charlie is not even close. Who are the casting directors these days?? First the role of Batman is screwed up and now this.
    Is there any hope for good casting in the future?

  2. We will just have to wait to see how it pans out I guess. Personally I’m happy sticking to my imagination of Christian Grey for now haha … Loved the twilight comment, totally agree! Haha great read. Love this blog!

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