Wedding Day: Things You Didn’t Think Of!

Wedding Day: Things You Didn’t Think Of!

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With all the little specifics in play, there are so many more that pop up the day of the wedding. Let me contribution a few suggestions from my experience. My Hair & Makeup Company, OMG Artistry did over 200 weddings last year alone and we’ve run into a few encounters along the way. Some are obvious but still need to be stated. Believe me, we’ve seen the worst of worst.

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 1.    Make sure your room has plenty of natural light.

Not only will your makeup artist thank you but also will your photographer and videographer. Also yellow lighting is a massive no no! Natural light will be sure there are no complications when you step out to your anticipated crowd.

 2.    Give time for last minute photos.

Some brides don’t consider the “planned photos”. Your photographer doesn’t inevitably want the hair or makeup artist to be mid-eyeliner, foundationless or all teased up. It’s very unflattering. Plan for fake photos of your makeup artist performing the typical blush or lipstick shot. Same goes for putting on the dress.

 3.    Call for cleaning service before leaving room.

Chances are, the room you received hair and makeup services in, will be the same room you and your honey will be coming back to. Reminisced of mix fruit and half drank mimosas isn’t exactly mood setting. Call them up!

 4.    Make sure there is a high chair for makeup, low chair for hair.

Enough said…

 5.    Hair Jewelry

For Hair, do not getting the jewelry with a comb unless you have a good-sized updo or bun with cushion to hold the comb, they can add a lot of weight to the hair. In any other case, good idea to just buy on with an alligator clip, those are very durable and hold extremely well in the hair. Tiny hair accents are beautiful as well for photos and really add an extra glam factor to any do!

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