Five Wedding Traditions You Can Not Skip

Since lately I have been blogging about weddings, I thought I’d keep it going and post the five wedding traditions you can not miss. Here are the most important traditions that no bride or groom should skip on. These traditions are like the uncover code for weddings!

  1. Having your dad walk you down the aisle: If its your dad, uncle, close relative or friend, make sure the male figure in your life walks you down the aisle.                                    Unknown-13
  2. The first dance: make sure that you and your new hubby or bride has the first dance of the night or day!Unknown-14
  3. The wedding cake: make sure to get the perfect cake and get your hands ready. This is the only time you can throw cake in your bride or grooms face.                                                                 Unknown-15
  4. The garter toss: make sure to the garter toss and flowers. It will bring great luck to you and other single people at your wedding.images-13
  5. The white dress: my favorite part of the wedding. Do not skip out on the white wedding dress. If you want to add color then just add a colored sash. The main attraction of a wedding is your beautiful self in your beautiful wedding gown.images-14

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