Fashion Repeats Itself

Thunderball, a James Bond classic movie from 1965, featured a whole lot more than just action. The fashion trends throughout the entire movie almost directly mirror the up-and-coming fashion during summer 2013! James Bond rocked a blue pair of short shorts and sneakers that look just like Toms! His beautiful lady wore a sheer crop top with a trendy statement necklace. This movie is a perfect example of “fashion repeats itself”. Next time your mom is cleaning out her closet, make sure to dig for some fashion treasures from the 60’s or even the 80’s. Everything comes back in style, fashion lovers!

Fashion Trends in 1965:

Tom like sneakers from 1965Toms 1965Chubbie like shorts from 1965. 1965 TomsCrop tops from 1965 crop topย Statement necklace from 1965 statement necklace 1965Sheer crop top from 1965crop top see through 1965

Fashion Trends for Summer 2013:


Toms sneakers for Summer 2013


Crop Tops and Sheer Tops for Summer 2013


Statement Necklaces for Summer ย 2013


Chubbies short shorts for Summer 2013

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